Can’t Say I Never Gave Ya Nothin’

If you find yourself reading a newspaper article that you could swear you’d just read a few weeks ago, and then another, and another, you might want to check the date on the top of the page. When even the title of the article sounds familiar — and if that isn’t the winner in the “Retaining Useless Knowledge” contest, I don’t know what is — you really should just check the damn date at the top of the page.

Or, you could wonder, as I did, why the hell the paper is re-running recent pieces without pointing them out as such. WTF is THAT?!

But I really, really recommend that you first check the date at the top of the page. Because you may find that it says a date from like two weeks ago, which may trigger in your brain a memory of being out of town for a few days, during which time your wife and teenaged son may have failed to retrieve the paper, possibly letting them pile up under the freshly fallen snow.

Which just melted.

Oh. DUH.


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