Who Approved This?!

Happy New Year … ?

A New Year’s Day without parades and bowl games is just not quite the same thing. Especially when it falls on a Sunday, like this one did.

All these years, and I thought New Year’s Day was a cool thing all by itself, independent of the bowl game hoopla. A holiday to celebrate the turning of the calendar, basically, but a holiday nonethless. I guess it still is that.

But today, sadly, now that the mask has been ripped away, and the ugly residue of a New Year’s Day dressed only in “just another Sunday” garb is all we see, let me tell you, it is not a pretty sight. It feels like Any Given Sunday, which is how the NFL and the BCS like it, just fine, thank you very much.

But at least I’m not hungover, like all those other nitwits out there. Yes, I’m much smarter older wiser now. I barely even drink any more, now that my taste for beer is nearly non-existent, and I’ve turned into more of a wine drinker. I do still like the occasional vodka and tonic, or Scotch on the rocks, and in the summer a cold beer does taste good on a hot day. That’s basically it though. And it’s probably just as well.

Plus, I like waking up feeling good in the morning. I love waking up feeling good. Heck, I love just waking up, period. It means I fooled God into adding one more day onto my lucky existence on this Earth, and what’s not to like about that?

So, memo to both the NFL and the BCS: thanks. Thanks for nothing.


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