You Do What You Have To

Normally, January in Chicagoland is a white month. Snow is everywhere, and often deep. And whatever is not covered with white snow is covered with slushy, black, yucky stuff that used to be white snow.

The last week, though, has been in the 40s nearly every day, and barely below freezing at night. This is highly, highly unusual for January here. Freaking bizarre, in fact.

But! This is fine and good, since it surely means that Spring is right around the corner! Woo Hoo!! We should be in the 60s by Super Bowl Sunday, I’m thinking.

I am sooo stoked. The Winter of 2005-6 will go down in history as the shortest on record, since it only lasted maybe 4 weeks. And a cold 4 weeks it was, down around zero at night, highs in the teens, in December, which is way before it usually gets that cold.

But none of that matters now! It’s almost over!

Some may say “listen dumbass, the first day of Spring isn’t until late March, and even then it usually isn’t warm until late April”. To them I say, with nothing but the highest respect, “shut yer piehole”.

I do not want to hear it.

See, just watch me, right now I’m plugging my ears with my index fingers and singing loudly “LALALALALALALALA!! CAN’T HEAR YOU!!”

Works for me.


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