iPod: Making Slightly More Sense Now

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Apple Launches New Intel Mac Minis, iPod Hi-Fi

Maybe I need to get me one of these new-fangled iPod things someday. But the thought of copying hundreds of my own CDs, which already play just fine in a regular CD player, is a little bit daunting.Β  At the same time, the idea of being able to buy songs off of iTunes is kinda cool.

I don’t know. I’m such a schlump when it comes to digital music in general, and portable players in particular. My attitude is, so you want me to spend more money on gadgets (which are much easier to lose than a home stereo cabinet by the way), and more time to copy my hundreds of CDs into a compressed format that doesn’t sound quite as good, all for the dubious pleasure of looking like a dork while listen through crappy little earbuds?

Yeah baby, sign me up for that.

There is always some kind of tradeoff in choosing one product over another, and with portable digital music, one is saying “I want portability and convenience over all” in a music system. Also, probably, “Apple is my Lord and Savior”, but let’s not get into that right now.

So I get all that, and to some extent am ready to buy into it. There is definitely a huge advantage in having hundreds of songs packed into a lightweight, portable package. I’m just not sure using an iPod as the centerpiece of a music system is all that desirable for me and my listening habits.

Even so, the time has probably come to at least look seriously into digital music and iPods. It would definitely be pretty cool to be able to listen to my old albums on an iPod while working out at the Y, especially since I could then also block out the Touchy Feely Channel on the overhead TVs.

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