WWS 44, Mt. Carmel 21

Wheaton Warrenville South trophy presentation

A big contratulations to our local high school football team, who destroyed their opponent in the Illinois 8A title game: Wheaton Warrenville South 44, Mt. Carmel 21.

This was an ass-kicking of the most serious kind. And the beauty part is, many of the supposed “experts” are stunned by the result, and refuse to admit they may have either over-rated Mt. Carmel, or under-rated WWS, or most likely, a little of both.

Here’s the opposing coach, Frank Lenti: “This was just meant to be; it was their night.” And, “I was thinking to myself walking the sideline that no matter how hard we tried, Wheaton was a team of destiny.”

“… meant to be … their night … destiny”. In other words, “we got our ass kicked”.

Here’s Barry Temkin, a Chicago Tribune preps writer: “I’ve never believed in ghosts, but I’m beginning to wonder. Something almost supernatural had to be at work Saturday when Wheaton Warrenville South met Mt. Carmel in the Class 8A title game at Illinois’ Memorial Stadium. How else could a game regarded as a toss-up be 31-7 at the half? How else could Mt. Carmel, which was making a record-tying 14th title-game appearance, pile mistake upon miscue on its way to a 24-point deficit?”

Hmmm, here’s an idea: because one team opened a Can of Whoop-Ass on the other team? Strangely enough, that happens sometimes, even in games “regarded as toss-ups” by “experts”, and even if no ghosts are present. That’s why they play the games to determine who is best, instead of just comparing stats, or polling “experts”. BCS fans, take note.

This team was 14-0 this year, averaging 43 points a game, giving up only 8, in one of the best football conferences in the state, against high quality opposition. In the playoffs, their closest margin of victory was 23 points, both in this title game and the semifinal (23-0). They used a combination of a potent running game, led by a great offensive line and a running back named Dan Dierking, who ran for 6000 yards and scored 90 touchdowns in his three year varsity career, along with a dominant defense that was very fast and athletic, and used pressure on the opposing QB to help force 35 interceptions this year by their excellent secondary. The QB only had to pass 10-14 times per game, because the running game was so dominant. As a team, they had reached the quarterfinals in ’03, and the semifinals in ’04 and ’05, losing to the eventual state champions in ’03 and ’05.

WWS beat everybody on their schedule and throughout the playoffs with the same forumula, in a very decisive manner. They’ve done this for 3 years now, and last year were undefeated until the semifinals.  Their program won 4 state titles in the 1990s, and appeared in two other title games (ironically, against Mt. Carmel, in 1990-91).

Mt. Carmel lost to a superior team, at least as we can best measure it, via a single game played on that day, with those players and under those game conditions. Which is exactly how it is supposed to work. “Experts”, take note.

Congratulations, Wheaton Warrenville South Tigers, on an excellent season.

To attribute their victory to “destiny” or to “ghosts” is to ignore reality. Sure, not many people (including me) would have predicted quite this level of annihilation, but given their overall season, I wasn’t exactly stunned by it either, and I don’t resort to excuses for the defeated to explain it.  When a team just beats the stuffing out of everybody on their schedule, you pretty much have to conclude they are the best team, period.

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