Vintage Vinyl Adventures

I’ve discovered some vintage audio sites worth checking out, if you’re into that:

Both of them sell Thorens parts, which is what I need and how I found them. My Thorens TD 166 MkII was bought in, mmmmmm, maybe 1981/2. The Analog Dept. even has a bunch of original manuals and a parts list! And LP Gear seems to stock everything Thorens. Nice to see that vinyl retains some fans.

I also just bought a couple of used components, an Adcom GTP500 preamp, and an Adcom GFA535 power amp. The preamp seems to work fine, but the power amp isn’t putting any sound out at the speakers, so may need to get it fixed.

I’m going down this road today because (1) I haven’t had a functioning vinyl-oriented stereo in a couple of years, and (2) I have hundreds of records and 45s that I want to start burning to disc/iPod. Then we’ll get a docking station for the kitchen (I like the Klipsch iFi so far).

As part of this effort, I’m moving the “vinyl” stereo from the basement, where it (and my albums/tapes) now sits on custom-designed heavy duty wall shelves, into my office/den, which has no such shelving. Yet. So in designing this new shelving, I’ve pondered the ironies of designing a room around an old stereo that plays old records using old technology mostly for the pursposes of burning discs onto CDs and memory cards for the ultimate in portability and convenience, at the expense (possibly) of the sound.

Which may be why I’ve waited this long to jump into digitial music. I like the statement that having a room dedicated (mostly) to music makes. Seems to me we’ve lost some special parts of our lives when we must make everything portable and small. Great sound, I imagine, and a refuge, an actual place, to go heal whatever hurts. Try that with your always-on-the-move lifestyle, Miss iPod On The Train.

Plus, you don’t look like a dork with white things dangling out of your ears.

I suppose I’ll track my progress on this weblog, keeping lists of what I’ve burned and any mistakes I’ve made, and hoping the first list always stays bigger than the second!


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