Going Toward the Light

With great sadness, I now pause here to note that Cathy Seipp, of Cathy’s Place, is at death’s door.

Please pause to remember her, and pray for strength for her friends and family, especially daughter Maia.

Cathy Seipp was an excellent writer, and will be missed on that level alone. I didn’t know her personally, but as any reader of her blog would tell you, she quickly became somebody you felt was, sort of, your friend.

And that is no small accomplishment. It quickly became apparent to me that this style wasn’t just a front, it was exactly who she was: a nice, smart, funny, charismatic, engaging woman.

This is one of the odd things about the Internet. People you’ve never met pass on, yet you feel some genuine level of grief for their passing, all the same. As if you’d met them in the distant past, but hadn’t seem them for years.

Godspeed, Cathy. You will be missed.


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