Because Cars Are Fun

While I am a bit of a car nut, I don’t often post about cars here.  Need to fix that.

So here are a few car sites I’ve discovered recently that are worth reading:

As an example of why they are worth reading, check out this review about the Mercury Montego:

In short, the Montego is a fine car for buyers seeking an unassuming full-size sedan that’s a tiny bit more exclusive and sparkly than a Ford Five Hundred, for around $825 more (base to base). Too bad this niche exists only in the world of product planners and flak-talking spin-doctors. Everyone else flocks to well-established import sedans or “real” American cars like the Grand Marquis. In fact, Mercury’s royal sweetheart sports a competitive sticker price and frequently triples the Montego’s monthly sales numbers. Oops.

Poor product-planning at Ford?  Delivering cars that few people want?  Shocking!


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