Road Warriors

Well, now we know. Apparently it is possible to have the wife, two kids and dog drive to Iowa, on Saturday afternoon, in a van, followed three hours later by me and the oldest boy, in my car. Followed up on Sunday morning with the oldest boy driving the van back home to Chicago – by himself – because he needed to be back for a noon meeting, and then a few hours later, by all of us (including the dog) in my smaller – much smaller – car.

Again, we now know this is possible. Not necessarily advisable, just possible.

Why two vehicles? Well, our timeline was squeezed at both ends. My oldest boy James had to work until 3 PM on Saturday, and had to be back by noon Sunday. That’s 21 hours, minus 7.5 hours each for both driving and sleeping, leaves … 6 hours for actual relaxation! Six whole hours!

And having him be there had become, well, a personal mission of mine. He has missed too many family events lately, what with the work and the college and the girlfriend, so I decided I was going to make sure he was there while the rest of us were, for a change, and was therefore willing to drive two cars on a 450 mile round trip, even with gas at $3.19 for premium, while we celebrated my mother-in-law’s 70th birthday with a nice dinner out.

And she doesn’t look a day over 68. KIDDING! She actually looks about 55-ish; you would never know she was in her 70s.

All went well though, generally. If you don’t count the kids whining about not having their DVD-player TV for the trip home. And my sister-in-law taking my contacts home with her to Minneapolis. Oh, and the puppy used the carpeting as a toilet more than a few times.

But hey, life is messy, too. Deal.


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