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From RangerUp, via Blackfive.

Of course, I don’t really club hippies. Mostly I just make merciless fun of them. But I understand those who want to club them. They are eminently club-abble. On the List of Things Worth Clubbing, they are high. Quite.

And their goofy feelings-centric mantra from the 60s has basically taken over our culture, defeating what used to be known as common sense. Guess what? Back then, they were figuring all this out in a pot- and LSD-fueled haze. It shows.

However, what is not quite as funny is this pretty compelling essay, also from RangerUp, directed at Nancy Pelosi and 217 other assclowns in our United States Congress. It’s called Ranger Up Unanimously Votes to Send 218 members of Congress to Douchebagistan…. It’s a gem.

It notes that Nancy Pelosi made a rather questionable decision to trade lives for votes, more or less. A sample:

Your elected leaders did the following:

They decided they would pass a bill that gave more power to the legislature than has ever been granted previously, knowing the President would have to veto this bill. This bill would mandate that Iraq War would have to end by the arbitrary date of August 31st, 2008, as Ms. Pelosi apparently felt like that seemed like a pretty good day to admit defeat. Surprisingly, she found that many of the members of her own party would not sign on to this plan and that she was lacking almost 20 votes. So she bribed them.

That’s right – the Speaker of the House led an aggressive effort that cost over $20B in taxpayer funding to bribe members of her own party to agree to the bill.

In essence, the Honorable Ms. Pelosi, third in command of the United States, has determined that while my friends are fighting in Iraq, the best way to support them is not to simply pass the emergency funding bill to support their efforts, but rather to attach $20B in bills that have nothing to do with the war effort to “grease” the wheels with the members of her party that are for sale so that she can assure that the United States will lose the war and abandon the Iraqi people to sectarian chaos in the fall of 2008.

Gosh. Thanks.

They really appreciate it.

Actually…now that I think about it…How dare you?

How dare you play political games with their lives? How dare you not fight for what you think is right? How dare you give the people killing my friends a goal – to hold out until 31 August.

What’s the intent here? The President is going to veto the bill. He has to. So then what? Do my friends not get ammo? Do they not get food? Are you going to have the balls to blame the President if that actually came to fruition?

If you truly feel that the “mandate from the people” that you keep referring to is to end the war in Iraq, then you should be fighting to do just that – with every iota of your being. You are not. You are playing games.

Violence in Iraq is down 60-80% since Petraeus took over – you should be thrilled at this fact. If you love America the way I would hope my elected officials do, you should be praying that we can win this thing – that the detractors, even if you are one of them, were wrong, and that the President’s steadfast approach to this fight was the right one. You should want victory – you should want a stable Iraq. You should feel this way now more than ever with the new success our men and women on the ground have begun to achieve. But that’s not what you’re doing – you’re trying to slow the momentum of success. You’re pretending we can’t win to meet your own needs.

You want us to fail.

You just want to be right.

You want to be right so the President looks bad – so your party has a better chance in the elections – so you can say “I told you so”.

That is not leadership, and it is entirely unacceptable.

Exactly right. Everytime I think Congress has reached a new low in gamesmanship and cowardice and poll-watching and trolling for votes — damn the consequences! — they push ever lower on the depravity scale. It’s stunning, really. And even more stunning is that we put up with it, and that the media could not care less about the whole charade.

I’m left to conclude that basically, none of these folks give a shit.

I try to give people the benefit of the doubt, I really do. I’m not one who tries to actively dislike other people, and assume the worst about their intentions; life is too short, for one thing. And usually, what appears to be malice is actually inattention to detail, or ignorance, or naked emotion.

But I’m really running out of excuses.

If we wanted to give them some credit for thinking this through, then we’d say “they think it is smarter, long-term, to show those who wish to kill us that we don’t really intend to fight back”. Which, though I find that attitude extremely naive and self-serving, and prima facie suicidial, it is a reasoned position, based on pacifism. And we all know what George Orwell says about pacifists in WWII: “objectively pro-fascist”. Today, it would be “objectively pro-terrorist”. Ain’t no middle ground here.

But it’s even worse than that. Much, much worse. The reality is, many of these same people – U.S. Congressmen, media types, countless “liberals” throughout society — quite obviously want the U.S. to fail at this risky high-profile nation building exercise, and are devoting serious effort to make that happen.

Why, you may ask? Because it would score political points in Washington — a place where the quest for power often trumps sensibility — even as it constrains us as a nation, and risks our future.

They are willing to trade defeat and dishonor and lives for power, in the form of votes and cash.

How this is differentiated from making a pact with the Devil, I’m not sure. Discuss amongst yourselves. Lemme know whatcha find.

The whole thing makes me gag. And increases my gin and tonic consumption. Which is not nearly as horrible, overall, as the gagging thing. But still.

I saw a piece over at Ace of Spades recently, saying that 61% of Democrats either believe President Bush knew about 9/11 in advance (35%) or aren’t sure if he knew (26%). Only 39% say they’re sure he didn’t know in advance. In other words, 39% still have a grip on their sanity.

61%, meanwhile, believe that Bush thought it would be a great idea to lose a major chunk of Wall St. and risk major damage to the economy and kill, oh, probably 10 or 20,000 people, all so that he could start launching wars all over the Muslim world. And then not steal their oil. Excellent plan!

And they say Bush is dumb. Pot, meet kettle. Both of you? Black.

We have met the enemy, and he is us. If by “us” we mean “too many inattentive mush-brained dolts, governed by thieving contrarian power-mad whores, all overseen by a blinkered and desperate media intent on exerting its declining power until it has gasped its last breath”.

Seriously, the plan to start colonies of people on the moon is sounding better all the time.


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