First Pic

First pic posted here, from my new Nikon D40, that is …

This weekend we went out on a little camp-out with my middle son’s Cub Scout pack, and I brought my youngest boy, too. Saturday morning, we stopped by this engraved stone, near a bridge, honoring a local young man.

His name was Marine Sgt. David Caruso, and he died in service to Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2004. Apparently, Mr. Caruso had been an Eagle Scout, and had helped build the bridge in this forest preserve in 1996. Since his death, I’d read his name in the local papers often, and almost went to his funeral.

So it was nice to see this small gesture, completely unexpected, in the middle of a forest preserve. Who knew, when he was an Eagle Scout, that some small act like building a little foot bridge would later cause a memorial to be erected here, in his honor?


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