Cuba: Sure, Life Sucks Here, But We’ve Got Free Appendectomies!

Now that Michael Moore’s new movie Sicko is out, and getting lots of PR, we get to hear a lot of Cuba’s free health care.

Read this for another view, from Dr. Sanity: An Illness of the Soul

While there, don’t forget to click over to Babalu Blog to see the pics of the lovely hospitals in Cuba.  You know, the ones that regular, non-celebrity, non-foreigner, non-rich Cubans get to use.

As for me, I’m going with Dr. Sanity.  I always start from the premise “Communism always ends up exploiting, killing, and enslaving its people, which is why they always want to leave”.

Call me kooky!

And in this article linked by Dr. Sanity, “Don’t Condemn Cuba, Artists Say”, I note one of the bright bulbs signing the petition to Be Nice To Poor Little Cuba is “historian and activist Howard Zinn”.  The same Howard Zinn, you know, that wrote the U.S. History textbook “A People’s History of the United States” that is widely used in our country.  But of course I’m sure his textbook is free of his progressive ideology, even though it says “People’s History” right there in the title.

Mmmm hmmm.  Quite sure.  Almost sure.  Really, really, almost, nearly sure.


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