One of the side benefits of being in a college football pool where you have to pick one game per week — any game, any game at all — is that you end up looking at all kinds of schools you’d never really think about, otherwise.froggy.jpg

And some of these schools have some pretty quirky mascots. This week’s example: the TCU Horned Frogs. As it turns out, a horned frog is actually a lizard. They eat ants, and are 3-5 inches long. And, you can download froggish screensavers and desktops.

And dig this: “When angered or frightened, horned frogs can squirt a fine, four-foot stream of blood from their eyes.”

Who wouldn’t value a skill like that, at least once in a while?

TCU was -21 over visiting Baylor. Final: TCU 27, Baylor 0.

Yay, TCU! Go frogs!


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