Brains Not Part of the Package, Apparently

I think it’s official now: Carlos Zambrano is a toolbox.

Sure, he apologized for his post-game tirade after Monday’s disastrous outing against the Dodgers. And good for him. But he sucks, right now, and has sucked since the beginning of August. I’m sorry, but there is no other word for it.

And Cubs fans, sensing a resurgence, an actual future for a change, are right to demand excellence from Mr. Zambrano.

He wanted the big contract. He cherishes the stopper role. He wants to be The Man.

The club made him The Man by committing to him — possibly, quite foolishly — to the tune of $90M over five years.

Now he is discovering the downside of being The Ninety Million Dollar Man — expectations are ever higher.

Hey Carlos: deal with it.


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