Chicago Sports Sunday Wrap-Up

At Least, The Stuff I Care About, and I’m Too Lazy to Provide Links, Edition

Chargers 14, Bears 3

The Bears defense stopped San Diego completely until some turnovers put them back on a short field. Bears offense didn’t do much, except for a few long-ish pass plays that yielded nothing important, and two fumbles, one each by running backs Cedric Benson and Adrian Peterson. Special teams also caused a turnover on a freakish play, when the ball bounced off of Brendan McGowan, twenty plus yards downfield where I doubt he could hear any warnings from Devin Hester, the return man.

Bottom line: turnovers cost them this game. And I doubt that the Bears can win consistently if the RBs are putting the ball on the ground more than, say, once a month. ;^)


Pirates 10, Cubs 5

Falling out of first place, probably for good. Who really cares, any more? This division really sucks, and any team that wins it and thinks they have accomplished something lasting and meaningful is kidding themselves. Including the Cubs.

Yes, yes, I know the Cardinals won the World Series after winning just 83 games last year. So you gonna start betting on the worst team in the playoffs every year to win the World Series? Didn’t think so.


Tiger Woods Wins BMW Championship

Here’s a shocker: Woods shoots a final round 63 on the final day of a big tournament. I didn’t get to see any of it, we were busy doing stuff.

Can somebody else step up and beat this guy? Please? It’s getting boring.


Oh, and One More Shocking Piece of Sports News: Roger Federer Wins Another Slam Event!

Like we didn’t know that was coming.


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