Great Minds Think Alike

I see that I have some support for my campaign to convince the baseball people at the Cubs that catching is too important a position to sacrifice quality on the defensive side for offensive numbers.

More specifically, that calling a good game and blocking balls in the dirt effectively are by far the most important factors in a catcher. More important than throwing out base stealers. And far, far more important than hitting.

Mike at is more knowledgeable on this subject than I. He even emailed Barry Rozner, whose stuff I then lifted for one of my “Why Michael Barrett Sucks” posts. Which I then quoted in a comment back to Mike in this post. Heh. Quite an echo chamber we’ve got going on there.

Then there is, where this post generated some comments, and my “Jason Kendall is NOT a Good Catcher” post of last week became more fuel for the discussion.

So it’s good to know others are getting frustrated by this, just like I am. ;^)

My previous posts in the “Why Michael Barrett Sucks” vein are:

It’s looking like I may need to start a “Why Jason Kendall Sucks” category. Lou? Jim? Maybe there is something that we’re missing, and maybe Jason Kendall really is an improvement over either Koyie Hill or Rob Bowen, but I’d love to hear it, and see the stats breakdown that backs it up.


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