Chicago Sports Sunday Wrap-Up 9/16/07

At Least, The Stuff I Care About, and I’m Too Lazy to Provide Links, Edition

Bears 20, Chiefs 10

Mediocre performance, but good enough to beat a deficient Chiefs team. Won despite losing turnover margin 3-2. Defense looked pretty good, holding LJ to 55 yards on 16 carries. Briggs and the entire line played well, again. On offense, Cedric Benson did a nice job, running for 101 yards on 24 carries, with more than a couple of 6-10 yard bursts. Grossman, of course, threw 2 more dumb interceptions. Devin Hester returned a punt for a touchdown, and almost had another TD return if not for a penalty that didn’t help him anyway.

Bottom line: they won a game they should have won. And the clock continues to tick on Grossman as starter.

Next week’s opponent, the Cowboys, won at Miami, 37-20.

And it sure is interesting that the Patriots hung a 38 on that super-fantastic Chargers defense that held the Grossman-led Bears to 3 points last week. The game was over at halftime. New England punted just once. Hmmm.


Cubs 4, Cardinals 2

Still in first place, by one game over the Brewers, although they are tied in the loss column. Nice series against St. Louis, taking three of four at a time when they needed to kick it into gear. This division, however, still stinks. And so does Jason Kendall’s defense. Just play Geovany Soto, please?

The schedule the rest of the way: the Cubs have 3 at home (M-W) against Cincinnati, and 3 at home against Pittsburgh on the weekend (with an off day Thursday). Next week, off day Monday, then at Florida for 3, and finishing up at Cincinnati for 3 more. The Brewers have no more off days the rest of the season, and are at Houston for 3, then at Atlanta for 4, and finish up at home with 3 against St. Louis and 4 against San Diego. Who knew that a season-ending series between the Brewers and the Padres would factor into the playoff race?

Jim Thome Hits 500th HR

Congratulations to a guy who, quite obviously, is NOT using steroids. ;^)


Tiger Woods Wins FedEx Cup

Couldn’t see THAT coming.


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