Jack LaLanne is 92

And He Can STILL Kick Your Ass!

This guy is amazing. He still works out 7 days a week (lifting weights on six of those days), he still weighs just 150 lbs., and he eats a Spartan diet. And he is 92 years old.

Think about this for a minute. How many people live long enough to be 92 in the first place? How many of those are still physically vital enough that they can work out 7 days a week? And of them, how many do it?

We’re talking a human being that is probably in the top .1% as far as maximizing their physical potential. For 75 years.

When was the last time you worked out 7 days in a row? He says he has never missed a workout. He’s been working out since he was a teenager. Do the math.

There might be a lesson in here, somewhere. Listen to some of The Wisdom of Jack LaLanne:

“People make excuses and they’re lying to themselves. Thirty or 40 minutes two to three times a week is nothing considering you’re taking care of the most priceless possession you have.”

“If you exercise for 25 to 30 minutes four to five days a week you can do a lot. It’s your health account. The more you put in the more you’ll be able to take out.”

“The way people eat today is sick. Would you even feed your dog a cup of coffee and a doughnut in the morning?”

“Everything nature’s way.…If man makes it, don’t eat it.…If it tastes good, spit it out.…The food you eat today you’re wearing tomorrow.”

“Before I eat something I ask ‘What is it doing for me, the most important person on Earth?'”

“French people live the longest and they have wine with lunch and dinner every day. Americans drink milk instead. Milk is for a suckling calf. How many creatures still use milk after they’re weaned? Man.”

“It’s a pain in the gluties. But you gotta do it. Dying is easy, living is tough. I hate working out. Hate it. But I like the results.”

“I’m just not as strong now. You have to forget about what you used to do and do the best you can with what you have. But I’m doing pretty good for a 90-something year-old poop.”

It’s hard to argue with results. And, I wish I had that kind of willpower. I do the bare minimum to stay kinda-sorta in shape: I eat fairly healthy, I get 2-3 hours of (mostly aerobic) exercise a week, and I try to watch the alcohol and ice cream and whatnot. Not always successfully, I might add.

So clearly, I’m not nearly the Spartan that Jack LaLanne is.  Who is? 

But the point here should not be missed: If Jack LaLanne can stay healthy into his 90s, what’s to stop others from doing it, except their willpower and a little luck?


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