Doughnuts Now Much Healthier!

Since I just yesterday wrote about Jack LaLanne, and his unbelievable fitness and discipline, today seems a good day to note that Dunkin’ Donuts is dumping most trans fats from their doughnuts.

Like that is going to help anybody.

They’re fricking doughnuts. They’re sinful. They’re supposed to taste really good, and be really bad for you. That’s why we like them.

Don’t go messing with something that works.

Besides, is there really some way to take sugar and flour, and make it any better for you by deep frying it in different grease?

People, listen up a minute … we’ve really lost our way, here. The whole point of eating doughnuts is to take a bunch of yummy stuff that isn’t good for your health, deep fry it in grease to make it even worse for your health, and then after eating it, go sit on the couch to rest and wait for the paramedics. Then, try not to do that again for a week or two.

Removing the super scary “trans fats” from doughnuts is like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

It’s still sugar and flour, which wreaks havoc on your blood vessels and your pancreas, shooting insulin levels up and down like crazy. And being deep fried at high temperatures, in oil, it still has the same free radicals as all other fried food, and indeed, all food cooked at high temperatures. Removing trans fats probably won’t help any of that.

But I’m guessing it makes them taste worse. Although Dunkin’ Donuts supposedly did lots of research and found most folks couldn’t taste the difference. So who knows.

But the whole idea of making fried dough healthier by using different grease just kills me. Fried. Dough. It really is not possible to assault your heart any more effectively, I’m guessing.

Instead of worrying about the type of grease in my food, I like to follow this eating advice:

Portion Sizes: Make Them Smaller! The End.

Seems to work pretty good for the Europeans.


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