Chicago Sports Sunday Wrap-Up 9/23/07

At Least, The Stuff I Care About, and I’m Too Lazy to Provide Links, Edition

Cowboys 34, Bears 10

This was a total disaster. Bears clearly not a Super Bowl caliber team, right now; maybe not at all this season. The offense is just bad, and while the QB Rex Grossman is a large and obvious part of that problem, there are other problem areas too, including the offensive line, and the play calling. The Bears seem to have two plays: handoffs to running backs, and passes to receivers. Ever heard of passing to the running backs? And the O line seems to have all gotten old in the same off-season. The running game is not what it was last year, either they aren’t opening the holes, or Cedric Benson isn’t hitting them, or some of both.

Defense played well in the first half, sacking Romo a couple of times and shutting down the running game. Then the Cowboys went away from the running game, and the passing game was wide open, which then allowed them to run. The Bears had no answer for this. Terrell Owens beat his man consistently and found seams in the zone. Marion Barber ran for 102 yards, mostly in the second half.

Special teams were outplayed badly, other than the nice block by Israel Idonije on the field goal in the first half. Hester fumbled once, and never got any chance to work his magic due to coverage by the Cowboys.

And what is up with all these injuries? Lance Briggs, Nathan Vasher, and Tommie Harris all left and did not return. Maybe it’s the post-Super Bowl jinx that Mike Holmgren supposedly found: teams that lose the Super Bowl have lots of injury problems the following season. I also have to wonder about the quality of their medical and training staff.

Bottom line: they are just not very good right now, and with the injuries piling up, things are not looking up. It’s time to give Brian Griese time at QB, and to give Kyle Orton more of a look, despite the free advice of Al Michaels and John Madden.

Next week’s opponent, the Lions, got killed by the Eagles, 56-21.

Also, the Packers, who increasingly look like not just the best team in the NFC North, but one of the best in the NFC, beat that super-fantastic Chargers defense that held the Grossman-led Bears to 3 points in week 1, 31-24. And congrats to Brett Favre, who tied the career record for touchdowns (420) held by Dan Marino.


Cubs 9, Pirates 0

Now in first place by 3 and 1/2 games, over the Brewers, and in front by 3 in the loss column. Picked up 2 and 1/2 games overall this week, and 3 in the loss column. This sweep of the Pirates was huge, since the Brewers also lost 3 of 4 to the Braves at the same time. Cubs actually playing like a quality team lately, with the usual good pitching and mostly-good defense, but now with Extra Hitting! Scores of the 3 games: 13 – 8, 9 – 5, 8 – 0. Geovany Soto is like 14 for 28 or something crazy like that. They’ve won every game he has appeared in for the last two weeks. In four of the games, the Cubs gave up 2, 2, 2, and 0 runs.

The schedule the rest of the way: the Cubs have an off day Monday, then at Florida for 3, and finishing up at Cincinnati for 3 more. The Brewers are at home with 3 against St. Louis and 4 against San Diego. Their meltdown in the seventh inning yesterday, where they gave up a 4-1 lead, has “epitaph” written all over it.

White Sox Played A Game, Not Sure of the Outcome

Who really cares?


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