Parity, Thy Name is National League

If the NL were one big league, as it used to be not too long ago (1968 was the last year before divisional play) …

ARI* 88 69
NYM* 87 70 1
SD* 86 71 2
COL 85 72 3
PHI 85 72 3
ATL 83 74 5
CHI* 83 74 5
MIL 81 76 7

* = current playoff teams

This is an amazing finish. Any of these teams could make the playoffs, although the Braves, Cubs, and Brewers have to win their division to get in, and have no real shot at the wild card.

All 3 divisions have a 2 game lead with 5 games left. It’s likely that no team will clinch until at least Thursday/Friday, and all may go right up until the final day or two.

Unfortunately for Atlanta — and two of SD, COL, and PHI — the winner of the NL Central gets into the playoffs, too.  😉


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