Chicago Sports Sunday Wrap-Up 10/14/07

At Least, The Stuff I Care About, and I’m Too Lazy to Provide Links, Edition

Vikings 34, Bears 31

I didn’t see much of this game, I have to admit, but of the parts I did see, and from the stats summary, it sure sounds like the Vikings’ Adrian Peterson had a nice afternoon, gaining 220+ yards on only 20 carries and running for three touchdowns on runs of 67, 73, and 35 yards. Including kickoff returns, he had 360 total yards.  I had thought the Bears planned on tackling him.

Devin Hester was ridiculous: an 89 yard punt return that was an absolute thing of beauty, and an 81 yard TD reception with less than two minutes left to tie the game. Brian Griese threw that ball a good 45 yards in the air, at least; I thought he couldn’t throw a deep ball?

And Brian Griese was 26 of 45 for 381 yards and three TDs, but with two picks and a fumble lost. Still, three TDs, a completion percentage of nearly 60%. Passer rating of 89.2. These are pretty decent QB numbers. And they still, lost because of poor defense and a breakdown on special teams. This team is clearly not as good as last year, nor even as good as the ’05 Bears, with Kyle Orton at QB.

Cedric Benson looked good in the first half, gaining 8 yards or more on a few different runs, and hitting holes with authority. And the fact that there were holes to hit was probably a new look for him. But he ended up with only 18 carries for 67 yards?

The Vikings averaged 7.2 yards per carry. Peterson averaged 11.2. Subtracting out the three long TD runs, he carried 17 times for 45 yards, which is less than 3 yards per carry. So if not for missed tackles (at least on the 67 yarder, by McGowan), they might have stopped this guy.

Box score is here.

Next week’s opponent, the Eagles, beat the Jets 16-9.
Rex Grossman watch: who cares? They need to fix bigger problems on defense, the O-line, and RB first.


Cubs Out of Playoffs; Aramiz Ramirez Strikes Out on Curve Ball In Dirt Anyway

You know he did, somewhere, somehow.

Teams that are actually still in the playoffs: the Rockies and Diamondbacks, and the Indians and Red Sox.

The Rockies are just killing it, and are now up 3-0, and I’ll be stunned if they don’t win this series in short order, probably a sweep. And if I’m the Indians or Red Sox, I’m not looking forward to playing them.


Kansas 58, Baylor 10

Now that’s what I’m talking ’bout! Favored by 27, and they cover by 48! I think I love Kansas. Is that wrong? I’m now 5-2 in my Lock of the Week pool, and could be 6-1 and tied for first if not for Hawaii’s meltdown (and Colt Brennan’s injury) last week. It’s always somethin’ …


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