Predictions Are For Morons

So, I’ll go with Red Sox in 6 games.

Not sure why.  Maybe the 9 day layoff gets to the Rockies and kills their mojo.  Maybe they finally wake up and realize where they are.  Maybe their young players get all freaked out.  Maybe the Red Sox are just too experienced and battle-tested.  Maybe Josh Beckett is a pitching stud who can will his team to victory by sheer force of personality.  I dunno.

Just a feeling I’ve got.  Sure, I could analyze the crap out of this series, and try to impress people with my baseball acumen.  And then, after all that, I figure I’d probably decide on the Red Sox in 6 games.  So I short-circuited the whole process and removed the black magic portion completely, and saved you a whole bunch of time.

You’re welcome.


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