Media Dorks, Being Media Dorks

Brian Urlacher has been quite frosty recently with the local press, and boy do the media dorks have their undies in a bunch. He’s been giving lots of one word answers, and generally acting like he’d rather be getting his wisdom teeth pulled than sit there for one more minute.

This cracks me up.

A football player that doesn’t have the patience to answer a bunch of stupid, repetitive, self-serving questions? Who knew?

What is it about being in the media that turns people into arrogant pricks who think they are owed access and quotes and press conferences? Players owe them exactly nothing, and I for one don’t fault them for calling a spade a spade and refusing to play PR games and kiss the ass of any reporter simply to get more sympathetic coverage.

Athletes are paid to give their all between the white lines, and if a few of them aren’t that enthused about yapping about it later, I’m really OK with that. No, I prefer it, because it tells me that the player values performance over talking.

Can you imagine somebody like Ray Nitschke or Dick Butkus having to deal with all these yahoos and their ridiculous questions? Somebody would’ve been killed, and it wouldn’t have been a football player.

Suddenly, football players are supposed to be media-friendly. For whose benefit? Not the fans, or the players. The league and the media benefit the most, since it provides a steady stream of content to push the league on a hungry fan base. I’ll side with the fans and the players, as I nearly always do in such questions.

The media needs a good bitch-slapping sometimes, and this is a perfect example of why, and how. Deprived of their free quotes and their free content, they get all whiny and needy, since this would mean actual work is involved in creating the story line of the day. Boo hoo hoo! They could use a little less time at the free buffet line anyway.

And we could use a few more like Brian Urlacher, in my view.


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