Navy shows ND how it’s done

Congrats to the Navy football team, who beat Notre Dame for the first time since 1963, 46-44 in triple overtime.

Navy’s last win over ND was Nov. 2, 1963, which was before JFK was assassinated. Roger Staubach was the quarterback. He’s, what, like 75 now?

It’s likely that at least a few of the Navy players’ parents had not even been born yet, in 1963.

To celebrate, the Naval Academy cancelled classes for today.

Notre Dame didn’t announce how they were celebrating, though burning Charlie Weis in effigy was rumored. Massive shortages of toilet paper are predicted.

Navy’s victory also helped me out considerably, since I took Navy +3 points in my Lock of the Week pool. Navy scores lots of points, mainly due to their nation-leading 340+ yards per game rushing average, and ND can’t defend very well, so I just didn’t see any way (other than unfortunate turnovers and penalties) that Navy was going to be stopped from scoring many, many touchdowns. And since ND’s offense churns out a paltry 35 yards per game rushing, and averages 1.1 yards per carry, it seemed pretty clear to me that Navy would win this game.

My alternate pick was Kansas +20 over Nebraska. They won 76-39. That’s right. Kansas … scored 76 points … on Nebraska. These are not your father’s Cornhuskers. Or his Jayhawks, for that matter.

So, I’d have been covered there as well. How happy you must be for me!


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