Giants 21, Bears 16

Bears just what the doctor ordered for Eli Manning

This one looked, for most of the game, like it was going the Bears’ way. The defense forced four turnovers, resulting in 13 points. Unfortunately, that’s about the only points they did get.

The Giants wisely kicked away from Devin Hester, and he did nothing. Speaking of which, how hard is it to make that call?

Hmmmm … which is riskier? (1) kick to Hester, or (2) give the Bears’ shaky offense the ball at the 40 and force them to run an 8 or 10 play drive?

My dog could make that call, and she’s a girl.

Stat talk

Here’s how individual QB stats are misleading:

  • Grossman 25-46 for 296 yards, 1 TD, no int.
  • Manning 16-27 for 195 yards, 1 TD, 2 int.

Grossman had 100 more passing yards, and no picks, and still lost.

And here’s why they lost. The Giants outrushed the Bears 175 yards to 68, and carried 37 times to the Bears 23, for an average of 4.7 yards per carry vs. 3.0.

14 more rushing plays, and averaging almost 2 full yards more per carry.

Derrick Ward gained most of those yards, 154 of them, on 25 carries, for 6.4 yards per carry.

Since the Bears didn’t capitalize on the turnovers as much as they could have, that is a formula for a Giants win, right there.

Even with better QB stats.

My general take


Running game still not very effective. Adrian Peterson did pretty well, given the constraints of this offense as it currently exists. He seemed to run thru traffic better than Benson (who just never looks comfortable doing that), and if he gets some blocking, he usually does something with it. He also led them in receiving with 7 catches for 82 yards, and was useful in picking up blitzes.  Got tackled by a single tackler in the open field a bit too much, though.
Passing game was somewhat effective.  Grossman played pretty well, spreading the ball around nicely to 9 different receivers, and using Peterson out of the backfield effectively. He could have been better at avoiding sacks, but that is a known weakness. A good game for him. But QB is really not where the problems lie for this team, this year.


Effective in stretches, but not when it counted, in the last 10-12 minutes of the fourth quarter. Ogunleye had a very nice game, forcing and recovering another fumble. Overall though they looked tired and beat at the end. I assume this is because they were tired and beat. Probably because the Giants started ramming the ball down their throat in the 3rd and 4th quarter. Mike Brown, paging Mike Brown!


Three field goals for Robbie Gould (on three attempts). No other major screwups or notables.

Box score


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