Michigan Coaching Gig: Still More Desirable Than Local Community College?

When the LSU head coach turns down an interview for the Michigan head football coaching job, it might not surprise you that much. LSU is a Top 10 program these days, and they play in the SEC, so it’s more like a professional sport. Seems a pretty sweet gig, as college jobs go.

But when the Rutgers coach turns them down? This is not your father’s Michigan.

Not that I really care; I’ve never liked Michigan all that much. But there was a time, not all that long ago, when that was probably the top job in NCAA football.

And if you were the head coach at a place like Rutgers, and Michigan came calling, you would damn well throw your hat in the ring. And thank them for the privilege of being in the running. And drive cross country on your dime for the interview, and happily volunteer to wash the athletic director’s car and pick up his dry cleaning as part of your coaching duties.

Those days are so over.

Yes, Rutgers has a decent program these days.

Still . . . Rutgers.

Of course, it wasn’t Rutgers that lost to Appalachian St. this year. At home. And it wasn’t Rutgers that followed that up with a 38-0 loss to Oregon. At home.

So maybe reaching “down” to Rutgers isn’t such a bad idea, after all.


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