‘Scuse Me, While I Point At-The-Sky

What’s up with all this pointing at the sky now?

Every time I watch sports highlight shows, I see baseball players, football players, pointing skyward when they make some kind of great play. Or, even, a mediocre play.  They know the cameras are on them, and it’s time to make like they just won something really, really important.

I’m guessing they are showing us how much they appreciate God’s efforts in helping them do whatever it is they do:  “Thank You, O Lord, For Helping Me Get That Sack. And Also, For Getting Me On SportsCenter With My Patronizing Enthusiasm for A Non-Specific Higher Being!”

I imagine this all started – like many other horrible trends – with Sammy Sosa. At least, he’s the first player I remember doing this.

The Sam-ala. What a self-glorifying toolbox, that guy. And if he didn’t invent it, then some other self-glorifying toolbox — and Lord knows there are plenty of them in the sports world — probably did.

I guess they think they look noble or reverential or something.

“Idiotic” would be closer to the truth, from where I sit.

Just play the freaking game, will ya?  Save the histrionics for after you’ve won something important.

And don’t drag God into it, either.  He probably has more important issues on his plate, than helping millionaires play a game.


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