Vikings 20, Bears 13

Here’s the weird thing: this game was winnable, even though the Bears had no running game, almost no passing game, and if not for the 4 turnovers that led to all of their points, probably wouldn’t have scored any points at all.

On the plus side … the defense played well, especially against the run, for most of the game, holding Adrian Peterson to negligible yardage until late in the game.

Nathan Vasher returned from his groin injury, after missing 10 games, and made a definite impact, forcing a fumble and making an interception.

They made only 1 turnover, but forced the Vikings into 4.

On the minus side … this offense, though … just bad. The line had at least 3 illegal procedure penalties that I can remember, with two of them coming on consecutive snaps, inside the red zone, right after Urlacher’s interception. This has happened multiple times this season, and there is no excuse for it. The O-line coach is there to fix things like that, yet the penalties keep happening, and happening …

And when they don’t get penalized, they don’t usually block effectively. On running plays, they open tiny holes when they open any at all, and on pass plays, they rarely provide enough time to throw anything longer than 15 yards without committing a holding penalty.

And when they do block effectively, the running backs aren’t always quick enough to hit the holes, and the QB isn’t quick enough to make the right reads and get rid of the ball.

Other than that, though, this offense rocks.

Interesting factoids from the box score:

  • First downs via penalty: Bears 1 Vikings 9
  • The Bears had 11 penalties for 95 yards. A couple of them were big, and led to points.
  • Avg. yards per play: Bears 3.7 Vikings 5.7
  • Net yards rushing: Bears 32 Vikings 136
  • Rushes: Bears 17 Vikings 34
  • Avg. per rush: Bears 1.9 Vikings 4.0
  • Passing comp-att: Bears 22-38 Vikings 18-29
  • Yards per pass att: Bears 4.5 Vikings 7.6

Too much passing, too little running, and too few yards per play on both types.

This is what you call a “shitty offense”. It’s a technical term that means “Ron Turner’s ass is so fired”.


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