Here’s a Crazy Idea

Just Might Work Though

If you don’t want doctors and nurses laughing at you and snapping pictures of your male appendage, don’t put a tattoo on it.

But this particular dim bulb, a Mr. Sean Dubowik, had already shown a distinct lack of genius by getting the tattoo because of a bet. He actually made a bet that involved getting a tattoo on his member as one of the outcomes. Nice call!

I assume he lost the bet, but with a clown like this, you never know.

So, lessons learned:

  • Don’t make bets involving getting tattoos
  • Especially after heavy drinking
  • Especially involving your most sensitive areas
  • If you ignore all this advice, you pretty much deserve to get ridiculed for the rest of your life

Doctors and nurses probably tell stories like this to each other all the time – wouldn’t you?


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