Some Resolutions for ’08

I don’t normally do New Year’s resolutions. Not sure why; I just never thought of that date as the best time to make changes, I guess. I tend to evaluate things on more of an ongoing basis.

But this year, the time to change some things coincides nicely with the New Year.  So here are my resolutions:

  1. Chill Out – I get kind of intense sometimes. It can be a burden to those around me, and probably to me too. So I really need to remember to take a chill pill on things, once in a while. Like this morning, I got behind some a–hole on the road, and he was refusing to pass this snow plow, and … ooops! Never mind.
  2. Less News – I still waste too much time keeping up with useless news. I’ve already given up on mainstream media coverage of the war and politics, and deep thoughts from Hollywood. Now, to that I have to add the mortgage “crisis” and global warming (or climate change or whatever the hell they are calling it today). Soon all that will be left is Dilbert.
  3. Think Seriously About a New Career – or else 18 months from now, I’ll be like the Albert Brooks character in “Lost in America” who goes to the employment office in that little town in Arizona, asks the guy for the file with the “hundred thousand dollar jobs”, and gets laughed at.
  4. More Smoking – I’ll help celebrate Smoke Free Illinois by smoking more cigars. My annual consumption is likely to rocket up from the current rate of 0 to 3 or more. Hey, maybe even 4 or 5. You just never know how far out on that edge I could go!

I’ve got a few others, but if I put them down here, somebody will hold me to them. And that we cannot abide.


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