Making Good Kids Into Criminals

Because we all know how often criminals use their clever cover as an “honors student, choir singer and former football player who spends half the day training to be a firefighter” to hide their evil, secret plans to use a flashlight with a two inch blade on it to kill students and teachers by the truckload.

Student charged for bringing tool into high school

If there is a reasonable case to be made that this young man, Christopher Berger, represented a threat of any kind, I’d really like to hear it.

The charge states that “[the] defendant endangered the bodily safety of other students by leaving a knife unsupervised in the cafeteria.”

How so? Is our existence that perilous, our society that much of a powderkeg, that leaving an everyday, multi-tool type of gadget with a 2 inch knife blade on it, unattended, in a jacket in the cafeteria, can be considered a threat to anybody’s safety?

Sorry, but I find that ridiculous on its face.

And this kid seems to have earned a good reputation over the years. That has to count for something, all else being equal.

Because if it doesn’t mean anything, that removes one more incentive for a kid to walk the straight and narrow.

It seems to me that we need to be a little bit more careful when we make policies and laws, and make sure we aren’t creating problems instead of fixing them.


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