Courageous Move by the NCAA

Some brave toolbox bureaucrat in the NCAA decided that with all the cheating that goes on in college sports, and all the corruption, and all the hypocrisy, and all the money that changes hands, they would really rather go after the greatest coach in the history of team sports, and one of the great leaders of men in the twentieth century, the legendary John Wooden.

I kid you not.

The investigation stems from alleged improper contact between current UCLA basketball player Kevin Love and “a person representing the interests of the university”.

From the above link:

Love and his family visited Wooden during his recruiting trip. They had a nice chat, Wooden teased the Loves’ young daughter, Emily, for being so quiet, and a nice time was had by all.

Sounds like a real dirtbag. And if that wasn’t bad enough, the evil Coach Wooden brainwashed the kid too:

Recently, Stan Love, Kevin’s father, said that Kevin was so impressed when he had a chance to talk to Wooden that he considers him “the smartest man I’ve ever met.”

Thank God the NCAA is here to save young student-athletes from such 97-year-old predators.

(via Fan House)


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