Some Things I Can Agree With

I’m going to break a rule I set for myself on this site: no politics. It’s not that I don’t care about politics, but as writing fodder, I’ve found it tiresome, frustrating, and generally a giant bore.

But we’re heavily into primary season now, so it’s pretty hard to avoid it. And now that Fred Thompson has dropped out, I can’t jinx him by endorsing his candidacy.

So, I’ll link to Bill Quick, who says “write in Fred Thompson for President”.

He also advises the GOP that winning elections requires running actual conservatives.

I liked the campaign Fred Thompson ran, even though it wasn’t as media-friendly as some would like. He seemed more interested in stating policy positions, by writing numerous op-ed pieces that gave well-reasoned and useful input on problems we face today (many thanks to House of Eratosthenes for the detailed post).

Call me kooky, but that’s what I want to hear from a candidate. Actual policies, and arguments for them.

Imagine that.

(post edited slightly for content)


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