Super Tuesday is Here. Yay!

Hmmm, I Wonder What’s on IFC Tonight …

I’d be more excited about all this hoopla if I was less repelled by these candidates.

The two candidates that I did like are already out (Thompson and Guliani), and the very thought of electing most of the rest of them to the office of President of the United States … frankly, it scares me a little bit.

For me, presidential politics is all about (1) strong national defense and projecting our power in our national interest, (2) appointing competent people in Cabinet posts and other positions of influence and policy-making at State, Defense, CIA, etc., and (3) appointing non-activist judges who uphold Constitutional principles. Everything else is subservient to those pieces of the puzzle.

For other folks, presidential politics is all about dreams and speeches and “progress”. Which is much simpler, really, because nobody knows what the hell “progress” means. I do have this sinking feeling, though, that “progress” will make taxes go up, not down.

To make taxes go down, you have to be anti-progress, a.k.a., an “evil Republican”. Republicans are evil because they don’t yet believe that tax money actually belongs to the government, after passing momentarily through our greedy little hands.

You wouldn’t really want to keep more of that money for your own family when you could instead give it to the government, would you?  Money to hire yet more bureaucrats, who could create yet more barriers to trade and commerce, and suck yet more money from our economy? Don’t be so thoughtless and selfish. Quite frankly, I thought you were better than that.

But mostly, “progress” seems to be about voting for the candidate that makes us feel good about ourselves, by confirming our biases in favor of our compassionate selves, and by rendering unto Caesar not only those things which are Caesar’s, but also those things that are God’s.

Or, you know, could be wrong. 50/50.

It sure is interesting, though, how political figures today attain super-charged levels of adoration and emotional investment normally reserved for rock stars and the Pope. I really don’t really get that. At all.  Politicians?  I thought they always finished at the bottom of those “most trusted” surveys.  Suddenly, they’re the answer to our hopes and dreams?  Please.

But mine is not to reason why. Mine is but to sit down in my big red chair after the kids get in bed, maybe pour a glass of Scotch, and watch silly adults on TV act like any of this really, really matters.

For five minutes.  Then I’ll probably change the channel to something interesting.

Only 39 more weeks of this crap to deal with.  273 days.  Two hundred.  And seventy three.  More.  Days.

I think the local liquor merchants are going to be seeing more of me for a while.


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