The Kosuke Fukudome Era Begins


Kosuke Fukudome impressed a lot of his teammates and coaches in his debut yesterday.

Lou Pinniella::

“Fukudome’s got a nice, short, quick swing,” Piniella said. “He uses his hands really well. He’s got really good balance at home plate. It was very impressive. The ball jumped off his bat. You can see why he’s been such a good hitter.”

Chicago’s Daryle Ward, who took turns in the cage with Fukudome, also liked what he saw. So did hitting coach Gerald Perry, who was among the large contingent watching that included not only Cubs staff, but more than 20 Japanese media members.

“[Perry] didn’t say anything to him, so obviously he’s doing something right,” Ward said. “He’s got a little more pop for someone his size, he’s got a quick bat, so it’s going to be nice.”

This is also pretty impressive:

Japanese ballplayers are renowned for their work ethic in practices. Fukudome would take two to three hours of extra swings after games in Japan.

Sounds like a real ballplayer to me. Perhaps his work ethic will rub off on certain high-profile Cubs.

Fukudome arrives in Cubs camp


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