Bringing a Tall Glass of Whine to a Gunfight

No sooner do I write a piece about how obtuse journalists are about what business they are really in — or if indeed they even understand they are in a business at all, rather than a government-funded jobs program — than this story by media writer Phil Rosenthal appears in the Chicago Tribune, “CEO Sam Zell to Tribune workers: ‘This is a crisis'”, a story which is only three paragraphs long and completely revolves around a confrontation between Public Editor Timothy McNulty and CEO Sam Zell.

McNulty informed Zell that “his profanity-laced remarks elsewhere raised concerns among staff, particularly women.”

Oh. My. God. Why not just wear a sticker on your forehead that says “Too Stupid To Live”?

Zell moves in for the kill:

“I’m not disrespecting anybody. I’m trying to make everybody uncomfortable,” Zell said. “This business has been eroding before your eyes and you’re worried about my language? … Everything I said was with an intent to get everybody to get off their [behinds] and understand this is a crisis. We’ve got to save this business. We’ve got to make this work. And we’ve got to prioritize what we get all pushed out of shape about. … If we keep operating the way we’ve been operating, there is no future.”

I love the smell of napalm in the morning.

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