Barrett Hoping For a Better ’08

Couldn’t Be Much Worse Than ’07 has a story about Michael Barrett looking forward to 2008 as a new start.

That’s nice.  But in the National League, you have to play a defensive position in order to hit, and unfortunately, Barrett has somehow been designated as a catcher, even though he is horrible at that position, which happens to be one of the most important positions on the field. He makes every pitching staff he catches worse.

Catcher is not a position you can hide a good-hit, no-field player.  Or, you can, but you’ll pay the price on average runs allowed per game; the guy would have to hit about .500 and drive in like 175 runs to offset all the bad defense and pitching.

Barett may be a good hitter, but he isn’t that good.

I hope I’ve seen the last of his kind in a Cubs uniform.

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  1. Mike said:

    Thank you, JBrokaw… for being the only other blogger in Cubbie Land who understands just how badly Barrett hurt the club.

    I still die laughing at the thought of how the Padres’ season ended. I couldn’t have written a better script. The funny thing is, if Barrett holds onto that ball, Holliday would have been called out. Holliday never even touched the plate. But, I think McClelland called safe because Barrett can’t block the plate if he doesn’t have possession of the ball. And god knows, Michael Barrett rarely has possession of the ball.