NHL Alumni Wines

A Match Made in … Somewhere

The NHL Alumni Wine Series.

Seems like an odd pairing: hockey and wine?

Bill Daley of the Tribune says the Tony Esposito Cabernet and the Bobby Hull Chardonnay are good, but especially the Hull.

Whose idea was it to pair Bobby Hull with a Chardonnay, anyway? Though I see that noted Philadelphia Flyer bad boy Dave Schultz, and legenday bad-ass Gordie Howe, are also paired with Chardonnay. Perhaps it’s an image-rebuilding tactic. Maybe we’ll start seeing advertisements featuring these guys with voiceovers saying “Yes, I was a bad boy who led the league in penalty minutes multiple times and pulverized a few guys’ faces. But now I’m older, wiser, and mellower. So buy my Chardonnay before I smash your face into the boards.” Cut!

The wines are produced by Ironstone Vineyards in California. Each player picks charities to receive a portion of the proceeds; Bobby Hull picked the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and Tony Esposito picked Cougars Selects Youth Hockey. Proceeds also benefit ex-players and other charities picked by team alumni associations.

Other players of note in the series: Gordie Howe, Ted Lindsay, Bobby Clarke, Rod Gilbert, and a bunch of Islanders and Sabers that I don’t remember much about.

No pricing yet — sounds like they might be a bit on the expensive side.


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