So Much For THAT Plan

Falcons Sign RB Michael Turner for Six Years and Like A Bazillion Dollars

I had really hoped the Bears would sign Turner, but it didn’t happen, and I’m not sure how hard they really tried. Probably because of that big money he ended up getting.

And really, who needs a big, strong, fast, durable stud at running back these days? Not the Bears. They’ve got Cedric Benson, who was so ineffective and listless last year, he was booed as he was carted off his home field with a season-ending injury. And they’ve got Adrian Peterson and Garrett Wolfe, who are capable backups but need an offensive line to open holes for them to run through.

And the offensive line is now in disarray, after both Fred Miller and Ruben Brown were recently cut, largely due to age and injury.

Perhaps Jerry Angelo plans to spend another first round draft pick on another running back, even though his record at picking running backs is terrible, and even though they desperately need offensive linemen, another area his picks haven’t been stellar. And the quarterback situation is a bit unsettled, to say the least. Wide receiver is pretty thin now, since they cut Muhammad and let Berrian go via free agency.

Here’s what is settled: tight end (Clark and Olsen), center (Kreutz), right guard (Garza), and left tackle (Tait). Four positions out of 11.  And since the Bears don’t like to spend money, and don’t seem very adept at drafting offensive talent over the last 20 years or more, you can see the magnitude of the challenge in front of them right now.


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