Blackhawks Finally Welcome Back Hull and Mikita

Bob Verdi has a good column here.


It would be hard to understate how momentous this moment was in the history of not just the Chicago Blackhawks, but the entire sports history of Chicago. Owner Bill Wirtz personally started the descent of the Hawks in 1972 when he refused to recognize the true price he would eventually pay in not paying Bobby Hull to stay in Chicago. Wirtz’ nickname was Dollar Bill for a reason. But enough about him.

This moment was about celebrating the triumphant return of two of the most popular athletes to play any sport in this town in the last 50+ years.

It was about celebrating the ascendancy of the Hawks, who show signs of becoming a competitive team once again, after years of dormancy.

hull.jpgIt was about the new regime that has made it very clear just how different things are going to be now. The Blackhawks hired away two of the Cubs’ marketing guys, and trust me, you could have gotten some very, very long odds on that bet.

And it was about the fans, who have suffered for decades under the worst ownership in pro sports, but who now are proud to once again swear allegiance to the best logo in pro sports.

Welcome back, gentlemen.


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