Not Bad, For 59 Years and 364 Days Old

Billy Crystal struck out in his only AB with the Yankees.

I was all ready to launch the snark on Billy Crystal, since these guys that show up in training camp and try to hit a baseball always look like dorks.Β  But I like Billy Crystal, and he’s made no secret of his true undying love for baseball over the years.

And tomorrow, he turns 60.

So, hey, so what if he only managed to foul one down the first base line, and then swing over the top of a couple of 88 mph fastballs? Aramis Ramirez of the Cubs did that more than once in the playoffs last October.

Plus, after that big fight the Yankees had yesterday with the Devil Rays, Crystal is probably glad to escape with his life and all limbs intact.

  1. Mike said:

    Hey, did you include the leap year? Just kidding.

  2. No, but funny that you mention it, I actually thought of that as I was composing the title πŸ˜‰

    Leave it to a couple of math geeks.