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“Playing With The Enemy” by Gary W. Moore

Where baseball, history, military, reading, and fathers all come together … and what could be better than that?

For years, Gary Moore knew little about his father’s unfulfilled would-be baseball career.

That is, until his father, Gene, had a health scare later in life and the younger Moore pushed for details on his father’s invitation from the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1949 to play for them.

The elder Moore never made his date for reasons that if disclosed here, would spoil parts of Gary Moore’s book, “Playing With the Enemy.”

Mr. Moore is a local man who owns a business in the Kankakee area, and the first thing he asks prospective employess is how much they read.

“When you read a book, you are creating a movie in your head.  Reading keeps you going and enhances your imagination. Not reading causes atrophy.”

My kind of guy.  The story:

“Playing With the Enemy” tells the story of Gene, a 15-year-old baseball phenom who played in far downstate Sesser. Headed for stardom with the Brooklyn Dodgers, Gene’s destiny is interrupted by Pearl Harbor. As a Navy man charged with guarding German sailors captured from the U-505 submarine, Gene teaches the enemy the game of baseball so he and his teammates could play while waiting for the war to end.

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  1. Thank you for mentioning my book, Playing with the Enemy. I am delighted you enjoyed my dad’s story.