John Ondrasik (of Five for Fighting) is Good People

A Rock Star That Supports The Troops — And Not in That Ironic “But I Don’t Support the War” Kind of Way

He started a site about a year ago, called, that was inspired by his pro-troops song “Freedom Never Cries”.

The video for it is called “World”, and was debuted — and this is about the coolest thing I can imagine — at a party for Medal of Honor recipients at the Reagan Library, and Ondrasik sang the song live for them.

The site is intended to raise money for various charities, such as Operation Homefront and Fisher House, among others.

Ondrasik does this good work in spite of a lack of media love for his efforts. Which tells me two things: his sincerity is beyond dispute, and the media only recognizes entertainers who pretend to support the troops.

  1. Mike said:

    Just FYI… I’m thinking you probably know this, but in case you didn’t, I figured I’d mention it. John Ondrasik is a solo artist but his record label advised him to create a ‘band name’.

    Because he’s a hockey fanatic, he came up with ‘Five For Fighting’.

  2. Did not know that, thanks … and I’m not normally one to praise any record label decision, but I have to agree with the record label here, “Five for Fighting” is a much cooler name than “Ondrasik” πŸ˜‰