Chicago Sports Sunday Wrap-Up 03/24/08

At Least, The Stuff I Care About, and Am Too Lazy to Provide Links, Edition

Blackhawks 4, Blues 3

Great game; didn’t see any of it.

Hawks up 2-1 in third period, give up tying goal with 8 minutes left, give up go-ahead goal with 1:18 left, then score tying goal (Wisniewski) with :54 left. Overtime. Patrick Kane scores winner at 1:09 into overtime. No points 1 point 2 points.

Now only 4 points out of playoff hunt, with 6 games left.

This week: at Columbus (Wed. 6:00), at St. Louis (Sat 7:30), Columbus (Sun 6:00)


Bulls Continue to Give Up 4th Quarter Leads

What can you say? Losing to Indiana, at home, by 8, after leading by 13 in the fourth?


This week: Atlanta (Tue 7:30), at Philly (Wed 6:00), at Atlanta (Fri 6:30), Milwaukee (Sat 7:30)


Cubs Ready to Break Camp

Seems like they’re getting the rotation in order, though one of Dempster, Lieber, and Marquis is out. Possible trade?

Kerry Wood has all but sewn up the closer role.  He has walked nobody this spring; this is a very good sign. But closers have to pitch on consecutive days and stay healthy enough to appear in 50 or 60 games.  Good thing they have Howry and Marmol, too.

Lou continues to tinker with the lineup in ways I’m not sure I like. He wants Soriano in the 2 hole to protect his legs, which probably makes some sense, but Soriano seems too undisciplined to hit there; I like him at 3, 4, or 5 better. Plus by putting him there, you can’t put Fukudome in the 2 spot, who seems more suitable (though I haven’t seen him play yet). Lou seems generally too concerned about protecting Ramirez in the lineup by having Fukudome hit behind him. I think it’s much more important to have a top 3 that generate lots of runs on their own, with speed and good baserunning and situational hitting, and I think a Theriot-Fukudome-Soriano (or Lee) lineup might do that.


NCAA March Madness – Round of 16

Yay, Davidson. I’ve always disliked Georgetown. And I generally favor the unknown mid-major type programs over the completely over-exposed, usually over-rated, big conference teams.

I’m in last place in our family pool. Yeah, I’m behind an 8 year old and a 6 year old. What of it? At least I’m ahead of the dog. But she is not technically, you know, “in” the pool.


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