A Tip of the Cap to Kerry Wood

Mike Baumann of mlb.com says “Wood should fit nicely as closer”.

I sincerely hope so, and not just because it would help the Cubs.

I’m also pulling for Kerry Wood the man, who has endured lots of bad luck and injuries, but has always had a great attitude, and has shown himself to be a true team player and an excellent teammate.

Last year he said he thought about hanging it up, but he wanted his young son to remember seeing him play major league baseball, and so he committed himself to working through his rehab — yet again — and he finally made it back to the big league club in mid-summer.  He was pretty effective in middle relief the last couple of months of the season.

And now he’s the closer, with two very good setup men and a team that should score some runs.

So I hope he stays healthy, and can enjoy some well-deserved success this year.  By every measure I can see, he’s one of the good guys in sports.


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