This Blog is Lame

But Then, You Already Knew That.

Sorry. I try to post every day. I really do.

But lately, the only interesting things going on are things I explicitly try not to write about here — and I even already made an exception this week with the last post.

So just an FYI. Sometimes I link to something on my Notable page, or once in a while, to keep my head from exploding, I write up long-ish essays on my Polemical page.

The Notable page is really meant as a place for me to keep track of links that I want to be able to find later. I restrict myself to very pithy comments, and try to summarize the point of the link too, all in one short paragraph. It’s also a view into the kinds of things I read, and therefore how I come to think the way I do.

I just recently created the Polemical page, as an experiment. I seem to come up with one or sometimes two of these long opinionated pieces per month — they sort of bubble up into my head and demand to be written — even though I don’t publish all of them. This is partly to avoid turning the main blog page (where I try to keep the entries shorter, and more general interest) into a series of rants. And partly it’s a reaction to trying to write longer, essay-ish pieces using content-management software that is really meant for blogging instead. But gives you the ability to create whole pages, and to organize them hierarchically however you like, and that lends itself pretty well to this idea. So, hey, why not, if I have a special place to put them, then they are still there for my own use and for search engines to find them and for any readership they might gain, without gumming up the main blog page. And then there is that whole “avoiding your head exploding” thing. Which is nice.

So if stuff isn’t really happening here, you might want to check the Notable page, or if you are a glutton for fully cranked up opinions, the Polemical page.

And yes, I know not everybody is going to agree with every opinion expressed in every cite I make on the Notable page, or every opinion I express on the Polemical page. Heck, I don’t even always agree with everything I cite, or everything I write — I’ve been known to use hyperbole from time to time. Feel free to disagree, respectfully. Just keep one thing in mind: I used to believe a lot differently, and not all that long ago, but by keeping my mind open and reading new sources of material, I changed my mind on all kinds of things. It’s all about where you get your information.


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