You Never Can Tell

It turns out that the older black guy who patrols the parking lot at our local high school, and hands out detentions to kids who should be in class, is none other than Deon Jackson, who had a hit record in 1966 called “Love Makes the World Go Round”.

From the article:

When Jackson got the job in 2000, older staff members remembered him from 1960s soul revues that brought him through Chicago. “I closed the Regal Theater in 1967,” Jackson says. “We were stuck in Chicago for four days after the snow of ’67. Wilson Pickett. The Jackson 5. Jackie Wilson was the headliner. I’ll never forget that.” Jackson’s sweet, supple vocals draw comparisons to Smokey Robinson, but his ’60s stage presence was two steps into Jackie Wilson. Between 1974 and 1982, Jackson was house pianist at Myron & Phil’s Steakhouse in Lincolnwood. “Those were some of my most wonderful times,” he says. “That was like family.”

But this part took me by complete surprise:

Jackson was born in Ann Arbor, Mich., and attended Ann Arbor High School along with Bob Seger and Jim Osterberg – the future Iggy Pop. “Iggy was president of our student council,” he says.

Iggy Pop?  President of Student Council? And from a rich suburb like Ann Arbor?

That’s just funny right there.

  1. CGHill said:

    And a fabulous record it was, too. Ollie McLaughlin turned up some great acts in the near end of Michigan: Deon Jackson, Barbara Lewis, the Capitols (“Cool Jerk”) and Del Shannon. I never get tired of that stuff.

  2. I’m down with Barbara Lewis and the Capitols and Del Shannon, but for some reason the name Deon Jackson and the song title “Love Makes the World Go Round” just don’t ring any bells for me. I’ve probably heard it, though, and probably do like it; there isn’t much pop music from the 60s that I don’t like. Especially “black” music. Uh-oh, is that a hate crime? 😉

  3. CGHill said:

    “You know, love makes the world go round
    And love, baby, makes the seesaws go up and down
    And it makes the trees grow tall
    And the most important thing of all
    It makes a boy and girl, oh, say they feel so fine now (feel so fine)”