Two Living Legends

While reading a couple of music blogs I don’t visit often enough, I stumbled across a couple of fascinating interviews.

The first is with Sly Stone, who is quite improbably both (a) still alive, and (b) playing a show next Saturday (May 3) at the Vic Theatre in Chicago. He’s 65 now, and has re-united some members of the old Family Stone band, “… including original members Jerry Martini on saxophone, Cynthia Robinson on trumpet, and sister Rose Stone on vocals“. And he’s just as nutty as ever.

The other is with Lou Reed, from SXSW, who discusses his 1973 album ‘Berlin’, plus his artistic influences (Cohen, Ginsberg, Burroughs), the original meaning of ‘punk’, and what he thinks of mp3s. I love this quote: “With MP3s, you have a lot [of music] available to you. The trade-off is it sounds bad…. The technology is taking us backwards. It’s making it easier to make things worse.”


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