It’s Spring, So It Must Be Time to Torture Myself With Golf

The Chicago Tribune Magazine from Sunday, April 13, was devoted to golf.

Some of the interesting items there:

Reckless Driving, a memoir about a love/hate relationship with golf. Most golfers can probably relate.

Trivia time: the first 18 hole golf course in the U.S. was the Chicago Golf Club, originally in Downers Grove (about 6 miles from here) now in Wheaton (where I live). It was built by Charles Blair Macdonald (1855-1939), who was also a founder of the USGA. I’ve never played there, but go past it often. A curiosity: the sign at the street is about 18 inches wide, in a font no bigger than 4 or 5 inches for the capital “C”, and partially hidden by a big tree. If you didn’t happen to stare right at it, you’d never notice it.

Tribune columnist Rick Kogan — who is one of the better writers in Chicago media — weighs in on golf here.

And finally, some advice on buying clubs.

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  1. drtombibey said:

    I posted my spring golf advice today.

    Dr. B